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Rustic Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets for Small Bedroom

Rustic for all tastes
The rough. It is the most austere of all and the most people. Dark wood beams to the natural and untreated stone walls. And furniture, straight lines, without watermarks. It has personality, but to reduce its hardness should pay close attention to textiles as the bedding or curtains, which subtract that roughness.

Proven├žal. The wood is more clear, even stripped or bleached. While maintaining its original essence, furniture supports certain turns classical French-style inspiration, as winding headboards and upholstered chairs with cabriolet legs or lamps with turned feet.

Blank. It is the most modernized and updated country-style version. This color attenuates its coarseness, very light and gets that it fits not only rural environments. In this case the ideal is to avoid the use of other colors. Just wood and white. At most, touches of green with plants or neutral tones such as beige or gray in textiles. Many less additives in the color palette, better.

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